Important Disclosures

I understand that the project sponsor will be relying on my certification that I am an accredited investor in making opportunities available to me, and that the consequences of a false certification would be significant (including the possibility of a loss of an otherwise available registration exemption to the issuer). I agree that I will be responsible for any losses that are incurred as a result of a false certification. I agree to promptly update my CorvoDirect portal account information in the event of a change to my status as an accredited investor.

I further understand that, in order to allow me to participate in certain investment opportunities through the website that are a part of an offering involving general solicitation of potential investors, that the project sponsor must have a reasonable belief that I am an accredited investor. I understand and agree that, prior to each such investment, I will be required to provide or upload documents which support my certification above that I qualify as an accredited investor, such as W-2s, tax returns, investment account statements, a third-party confirmation from my accountant or broker, and/or any other documents (in each case redacted to eliminate social security numbers, account numbers or other similar sensitive personal identifying or financial information) that will enable sponsors to evaluate my accredited investor status.

I understand and agree that upon submitting an offer in an investment, I will authorize the sponsor to electronically deliver applicable offering materials and tax documents (including Schedule K-1), but that I may affirmatively request printed materials from the sponsor.

I further understand that investment opportunities posted on this portal are speculative investments and I may lose the entire investment amount.