Invest In Your Future: The CorvoDirect Advantage

Invest In Your Future: The CorvoDirect Advantage
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CorvoDirect is an alternative investment platform that gives investors direct access to individual investment opportunities. As an investor, our process allows you to review, compare, and personally choose the deals that meet your own investment criteria. Therefore, you get the same level of access but we will handle the portfolio, making investing even easier. 

CorvoDirect’s open-growth Marketplace levels the playing field by connecting inventive investors with ambitious originators and streamlining the investment process to help you achieve your goals.

The CorvDirect Advantage


We source and diligence Alternative Investment products offering a risk-adjusted return by deploying the broadest range of asset classes in their optimal mix including private equity, real assets, private debt, and distinctive uncorrelated investments. Our Outsourced Investment Model focus translates into dedicating significant time and resources to bespoke portfolio asset allocation and access to best-of-breed asset managers across all asset classes and geographic markets.


Our Investment Committee has an average of +20 years of investing experience, 125 combined years of experience in asset class leadership, and has deployed over $4B of capital. Combined with cutting-edge technology stack, machine learning, and data scientists, we are able to better source and filter our investments. We recruit veteran investors from some of the most highly respected firms.


CorvoDirect offers lower fees than what would be charged relative to bloated Firm’s fees on investments. We cut out the “double layer” of added fees that other entities charge.


Corvo created proprietary data science and technology in every aspect of the investment life cycle to serve investors and better achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns.


Founded to provide independent investment advice, we avoid the typical conflicts inherent in the traditional asset management industry. Our job is to access those rare asset managers who we assess to be among the best of breed independent managers in their asset classes.


Our fees are linked to investment performance, with employee bonuses invested in pooled vehicles as part of their deferred compensation, alongside that of our clients. When selecting asset managers, any negotiated fees savings or benefits from our global scale are passed directly to our clients, Partners Capital never retains any fees from asset managers which further enhances our independent investment philosophy. We are therefore fully aligned with our client’s interests.


Corvo is a radical departure from the industry norm of high fees and opaqueness. We provide granular insights through our underwriting, offerings, investment committee, and ongoing quarterly reports on all of our assets.


A secondary market, providing investors with the potential to exit eligible assets during secondary windows. This is in marked contrast to traditional alternative investment funds that lock up your capital for years.

Get Started in CorvoDirect in 3 Easy Steps


Only accredited investors can invest in deals available on the Marketplace. Accreditation requirements are outlined by the SEC. Generally, you are an accredited investor if any of the following are true:

  • An annual income of greater than $200k (for the last 2 years)
  • Joint household income greater than $300k (for the last 2 years)
  • Net worth greater than $1M (excluding your primary residence)


Designed for the newest members of our investor community, this 50-minute deep-dive into CorvoDirect outlines what you need to know to start building your real estate portfolio.


You’ll need an Investing Entity (Individual, Joint, IRA, LLC, etc.) to submit an offer. You can create an entity at any time, but we recommend you set it up before you submit your first offer.


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